Technion, Israel Institute of Technology
Faculty of Biology
Computational Approaches for Life Scientists 134141
Spring Semester 2016


Amir Rubinstein, li.ca.uat|rrima#liame
Office hours: before or after class - please coordinate by email.

Teaching assistant:

Gur Hevroni, li.ca.noinhcet.supmac|inorveh#liame
Office hours: please coordinate by email.

Course syllabus:

Detailed description in English


HW3 (last!) is online

Dear all,

This is the third and last HW assignment for this semester.

It deals with graph theory and digital images.

Since we will soon begin working on the projects, please start working on this HW soon, so you can free you mind (and time) for the projects.

Have a nice weekend,


(11 May 2017 15:39)

Second reading assignment + posponing HW2

Dear all,

The second reading assignment is now online.
It is about images processing - a rather fun topic and very useful in biological context.

Due date is 9th of May - class time.

In addition, because HW2 is currently due at a vacation day, it is postponed to a week later, May 9th (23:55).



(26 Apr 2017 14:40)

HW2 is online

Good luck,
Amir and Gur

(18 Apr 2017 16:32)

HW1 is online

Dear all,
Please read the instructions on page 1 of the HW carefully.
Students who participated in today's class are exempt from submitting Q3, except for section d. In this section you are required to provide a short discussion on the results we saw in class. I encourage you to play a bit with the code and execute it on additional genes, through which you may get additional insights.
The deadline of HW1 was set to April 11, which is Passover evening, so it is postponed to April 13.


The course staff

(28 Mar 2017 17:31)


Dear students,

Welcome to "Computational Approaches for Life Scientists", Spring 2017.
The first reading assignment is online, due until next class.

Good luck,
The course staff

(22 Mar 2017 07:52)

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